Blessed are we.

You know you have an amazing job when you stay up till midnight with the hubby talking about how much we genuinely love our clients. How blessed we are that we get paid to essentially love and care for people all day everyday. Mark my words...If I won the lottery I swear I would still do hair.


Heidi never lets us down.

This hair style in my book is perfection.
Who is in?

With the right layers that is all you need is ....a small curling iron, sea salt spray, hairspray and I promise this look is easy peasy! It's PERFECT for summer. Dress it up ...dress it down, wear it to work ...go to bed, refresh it the next day with sea salt and 2 min of curling iron. Hope this inspires you to spend less time on your hair!


Honey, Nordstrom is calling again.

You know your rich when..Your client's phone rings, she sighs and says, " Oh geeze, Nordstrom's is calling me. What could they possibly want today?" Yup. True story. I looked down on her phone that was programmed, Nordstrom. SAY WHAT? Oh and just so you know...I have a habit of looking down on phones. I know it's sort of an invasion of privacy but it's a bad habit I am trying to break. It's so tempting! Bad huh?

A few years back I was shampooing a client and if you can just visualize for a second the position you are in when getting a shampoo. Laid back right?  In order to still see your cell phone you must hold it up all the way and it just so happens to be straight in my face..So there she was typing and I was reading...What do you expect me to do? I am giving a head massage and have nothing else better to do than read your text messages. Ok so get this... She is married to a man like 20 years older and she starts  "nasty texting" a young kid that is her daughter's age! I knew who the kid was through previous conversation with her and I was DYING! She was totally cheating on her sweet old husband :( Sad right? Well the story ended like this. Eventually, he caught her, " red-handed" with this kid whom the husband knew and trusted. He cut her off the money chain BIGTIME. She was left with nothing, he got everything including the family business and she couldn't afford to pay for her and her daughters to come and get their hair done anymore. Moral of the story?.. Don't be texting shady stuff  while getting your hair done. Or do cause it's funny:)


5 ways to get the BEST haircut for your buck.

There are several factors to consider when finding a new stylist and getting a great haircut. These tips will help you to have the confidence to take control of your haircut and not let mistakes happen. 

Finding a Great Stylist:
There are two ways and two ways ONLY to find a stylist that is right for you. 
1. Think of the prettiest person you know with hair that you are jealous of and go to her stylist. Period. If you honestly have no pretty friends...well that's a whole other post. :)
2. If you are new in town and have no pretty friends yet, then go to Yelp.com  and read salon/stylist reviews close to your area. If for some reason you feel uncomfortable with that , go to the mall,  sit in the food court and pick out the prettiest girl you see and ask her for her stylist information. If you are too shy for that then you should just walk into the nearest salon in the mall and pay $85 for the worst razor haircut you will ever get. Promise. 

Bring a visual:
Bringing in a few pictures from a magazine of the desired hairstyle is the best way to start off a great haircut.   Sometimes it can be more beneficial to the stylist to bring in a picture of what you don't want as well. ( it's always kind of fun to find the pictures you don't want to look like.) 

Get real:
Be completely honest with your stylist about how much time you really have in the morning to style your hair. Sometimes we just have to face the facts- Those of us with curly hair will probably not going to achieve Jennifer Aniston's sleek hairstyle without a ton of effort.  With that said, If you are bringing in pictures, make sure that your inspiration has a similar hair type as yours. Bottom line: You don't want your hairstyle to compete with your everyday routine.

If you feel at any moment that your stylist is heading in the wrong direction with your haircut or you feel uncomfortable, speak up.   It is much easier to make adjustments during the haircut than afterwards. Your stylist wants you to be satisfied with your hair and to achieve that, communication is key. 

Keep products in your budget:
If you are willing to pay the extra bucks for a great stylist who you can trust,  then be willing to buy products that your hairstyle needs to make your hair look it's best. As a stylist, there is nothing more disappointing than giving people a great haircut and knowing that for the next 8 weeks until we meet again, their hair will not live up to it's potential.  In most cases, using product means LESS work for you. It's kind of like buying a really nice car and not ever having the money for gas or a car wash. You may as well just spend less, and roll in a clean, shiny Geo Metro. Right? The ladies loooove the Geo:)

Be on a mission and determined to find the right hairstylist for you and stick with them.  It's not very often you can trust someone you don't know with scissors near your head.  Happy Hair day!


Melu.. you belong to me

Mike and I have worked with the top hair product lines throughout our career from Kerestase to Aveda, Bumble and bumble, Alterna, Aquage, Pureology, and KMS. I can honestly say that in the past there are certain products within those lines that I love but I can't commit to the entire line. Example: I love Kerestase shampoo and conditioner but not their styling products. I love the hair powder and sea salt spray from Bumble and Bumble but not their shampoos. The smell of Aveda brings joy to my heart and their styling products are off the hook! ( yup, I can be a little ghetto sometimes) I can go on and on about the products we have worked with.  

 Davines is the one and only product line we carry at Salvage at  the moment simply because after 9 years of experience we have finally found a line that we believe WORKS! Shampoo, conditioner, mouses, gels, oils, sea salt sprays, waxes. It 's all BOMB. 
( ghetto, I just said bomb.)  

For you dry, frizzy, brittle, breaking haired babes.... Listen up! This sh*t works.! Promise.  The line is called MELU from Davines. ONE TIME of shampooing, conditioning, thermal spray and Split end serum your hair will have died and gone to heaven. Trust me. It is no pricier than any other high end line that claims to repair your hair. If you ever put heat on your hair you need this split end serum. It literally repairs your dry ends so that you can grow your hair longer and healthier. It works. I swear.  Just be nice to your hair this summer OK? 



So this is it. My hands. My poor hands have died and gone to hell. Yesterday I woke up with my hands feeling tight. By the afternoon my hands felt like the were growing larger but the skin was shrinking. And this is what the palms of my hands looked like. Am I 90?

Apparently this is what happens when you don't wear gloves while working with harsh chemicals. Um can you say... (Day 2 of beauty school.?)  FAIL.


I attempt to put my gloves on for like two minutes and then I want to rip them off, aggressively. Especially when my hands look and feel like this...you couldn't pay me to put those rubbers on. WAIT.. I am talking here like this happens  all the time to my poor hands. NO.  This is the first time in 9 years of doing hair that this has ever happened. Oh, and did I mention that my fingernails are feeling thin? Those babies are NEXT if I don't help myself! So today, with my alligator hands..I didn't wear gloves, ( of course) and all of the dry cracks turned brown from the hair color and I look like a freak / mechanic.

I am sorry that I am such a gross friend. I really am. The feeling of latex gloves on my hands is like scratching a chalkboard with your long nails, or biting a fork! have chills yet? No? How about this one? This should do it... chewing tin foil! THAT is how rubber gloves feel on my hands.

I am begging you for an intervention. I would give anything for the rubber glove police to barge into the salon and threaten to take my children away if I don't freaking put my gloves on. But those police don't exist. So please, If you sit in my chair and don't see those rubbers on my hands. Kindly say to me..."If you don't put gloves on then I am going to walk out and not pay you." ( even though you would never sacrifice your hair appointment for the life of my precious hands that make you beautiful every 6 weeks.) Pretend you would. Just help me, threaten me, pinch me. Just make me. Thanks friend.

Oh and before you go... I am feeling really ugly right about now with my hands looking so sick and manly. I don't want you to leave thinking I am as ugly as I feel.  So here. Let me redeem myself. I'm not that bad. This guy makes me look good. And little miss skinny jeans in the back to the left?  She's mine forever.



It's not too often you get the oppertunity to completly change a person's entire look. But when you do, it's like a kid in a candy shop! This gal has a beautiful face and her new hairstyle shows you just that. Makeovers are my favorite! If I could do them all day, everyday...I would.

Here is the before picture:

A cut and full head of highlights later: Vwalah!

Isn't that just lovely? . . Im a lucky gal. I get paid for this!